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Medical Device Technologies


Medical Device Technologies is an innovative company that sells medical equipment, provides professional and consultancy services to a range of industries, with our core focus on the Healthcare sector.

Medical Device Technologies is a CPAP distributor in Brisbane that sells CPAP Machines and accessories direct to the public removing third party costs. We sell Auto CPAP, Masks, and accessories manufactured and designed by AEONMED an award-winning company based in China and the USA. The majority of devices sold by AEONMED are utilised in the hospital setting. They have many years of experience in respiratory ventilators, which are far more complex than CPAP machines. The AEONMED CPAP is new to the Australian market and is a Tier 1 product at a very affordable price. The AEONMED AS100A CPAP is a travel CPAP machine in Australia. The AEONMED CPAP is used for the treatment of Sleep Apnea.

With a combined 30 years of experience across Marketing, Sales, Medical Recruitment, Facilities and Project Management the MDT Group have built a reputation for delivering innovation and outcomes.

The Director of the MDT Group has held senior executive roles in healthcare technology companies, major health service providers and facilities and project management companies.

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Medical Device Technologies

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