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AEONMED – Auto CPAP and Masks

MDT is the exclusive distributor in Oceania for the AEONMED CPAP machines. The AEONMED AS100 is new to the Oceania Market place and is a Tier 1 product.

These cost-effective, high-quality machines come with all the features and have an easy to use touch screen control and display panel.

The AEONMED CPAP AS100 has a 2-year warranty and is TGA approved.  Extended warranty can be offered by contacting MDT.

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Intelligent identifying CSA avoids improper pressure rise

Using traditional CPAPs without CSA detection may exacerbate CSA. AS100A identifies CSA and OSA, thus reduces the improper pressure rise which may cause a severe effect on the patient.

AS-Elex expiration pressure release

AS-Elex provides 3 grades of pressure release during expiration, thus reduces the patient’s discomfort, which effectively increases patient compliance.

3.5 inch touch screen design enables a better operation experience

3.5 inch touch screen ensures a fashionable and high-tech view, simplifies operation and report review.

Folded PM2.5 pollen filter with efficient filtering (optional)
Up to 20 cm2 PM2.5 pollen filter ensures efficient filtering, provides superb clean air and ensures the health of patients. Also, efficient dust filter protects the inner airway of the AS100 and prolongs the working life of the device.

1.36kg light and compact design, easy for travel

The whole device weighs 1.36kg, light and compact design, a good choice for both home and travel use.

5 years of data storage

AS100 SD card stores up to 5 years therapy data that is readable through PC software and on the screen.

Real-time manual titration

AS100 provides manual titration function, which enables the doctor to finish clinical titration process without stopping the treatment.

AS-Dry technology

Every time after treatment with humidification, AS100 turbine blows at a lower speed to cool down the whole airway and water tank. The AS-Dry technology keeps a dry environment and protects the device against moisture. Furthermore, the dry environment reduces the bacterial breeding and keeps a healthy treatment to the user.

Super smooth shifts between inspiration and expiration

AS100’s unique tracking system follows every breath and ensures high precision and comfortable treatment experience.

Humidification system

Room air is heated and humidified to body temperature as it travels through the system and enters the human airway, soothing any discomfort caused by cold and dry air.

CPAP and AutoCPAP for your choice

AS100C CPAP provides precise treatment pressure for the patient. AS100A AutoCPAP would adjust the treatment pressure according to the patient’s breathing airflow and airway condition, ensuring both the effectiveness and comfort treatment experience.




Device modelAS100AAS100C
Working modelsCPAP、AutoCPAPCPAP
FunctionsIdentification of OSAYesNo
Expiration pressure releaseAS-Flex  1-3 levelAS-Flex  1-3 level
Auto On/OffYesYes
Leaking compensationYesYes
Altitude compensationYesYes
Manual TitrationYesYes
Therapy data review through the screenP90、AHI、SNI、LEAK,Treatment time, Average PressureAHI、SNI、LEAK,Treatment time, Average Pressure
Therapy data recordingTherapy data recording up to 5 years,

reading through screen and PC software

Therapy data recording up to 5 years, reading

through the screen and PC software

PM2.5 /Pollen FilterFolded PM2.5/Pollen filter(Unfolded area up to 20 cm2 )
Mask leaking testYes
AS-Dry technology10-min lower speed running of the blower keeps the device and tube dry
AlertsPower down alert, leak alert, alarm clock, filter change alert, and customized alerts
Main device


Dimensions160 mm × 148 mm × 99.5 mm (Main device)

247 mm × 148mm × 99.5 mm (Humidifier included)

weightMain device:0.88kg;incl. humidifier: 1.36 kg
Noise≤28dBScreen3.5 inch touch screen
Adapter100-240V AC,24V DCLanguageChinese, English


FunctionHeated humidification, 6 levels to adjust, infrared communication with the main device
Humidifier volume300 ml