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Medical Waste Recycling Myth in Australia and 5 Questions to ask as a CEO

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AMB Ecosteryl

One of the greatest myths in the healthcare sector is that there is no economical way to recycle the medical waste generated, so it is just easier to burn or dump in landfill.

Medical waste treatment is not the priority of a health service, but when up to 90% of medical waste can be recycled into useable end products for the healthcare and other industries as cost-effectively or even more cost-effectively than traditional methods, why isn’t it being done in Australia as it is in Europe Asia and the USA.

AMB Ecosteryl has developed a technology that can process, treat for disinfection to world’s best practice and produce highly valued recyclable plastics, these can be reprocessed and moulded into items such as sharps bins and bin liners.

The majority of medical waste service providers rely on outdated incineration and autoclave technologies to treat medical waste, incineration has toxic outputs such as carcinogenic dioxins, and furans and autoclaves have byproducts of wastewater, and increased volumes of landfill.

To really know how much of your health service medical waste is causing environmental damage and how closely the medical waste service industry is to world’s best practice there are 5 basic questions a CEO and his executive team should be asking them.

  1. How much of my current medical waste is being recycled after collection?
  2. What method are they using to treat, dispose and recycle my medical waste?
  3. Are they using environmental best practices to treat and recycle my waste?
  4. Does my waste cause harm to the communities we live in and serve?
  5. Could I be implicated in any damages to the community from the toxic outputs of the current waste disposal methods being used.
  6. If the new recycling technology is the same or less in price, why isn’t my provider using it to reduce my waste footprint, and provide an almost Zero waste process.

Challenge your medical waste service providers with these questions and you will quickly learn they are focused on profits over the environment, and maintaining their highly toxic but very cheap methods of disposal and have almost zero interest in providing a true medical waste recycling service.

Don’t be fooled into believing it is more costly and harder to do, the AMB Ecosteryl technology is on over 150 sites worldwide across 50 countries delivering world’s best practice in medical waste treatment and recycling, and doesn’t require complicated separation at the customer’s end, as does the current recycling offers.

AMB Ecosteryl is cheaper to process, certified by the WHO, EU, and many other statutory bodies, and reduces the need for landfill by 80% and produces a product that is very sort after in the plastics recycling world.

For more information on this proven new world medical waste processing and recycling, technology go to our website: www.medcaldevicetechnologies.com.au

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you improve your medical waste capabilities, give James a call on 0414 755 589, or Contact Us.

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