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June 27, 2019
AMB Ecosteryl Distribution Rights
September 7, 2019

Clinical Choice – OneTab™ Enzymatic Detergent – Exclusive Distribution Rights

Clinical Choice - Logo 1

Clinical Choice - Logo 1

Medical Enzymatic CleanerMedical Enzyme DetergentMedical Device Technologies (MDT) is proud to have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Clinical Choice for the distribution of OneTabTriple Enzyme Cleaner throughout Oceania covering Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

OneTabTriple Enzyme Cleaner is powder-based enzymatic cleaner and is unique in the marketplace. The product provides benefits with compliance, efficiency, savings and green credentials. Its major advantages are:

  1. Lightweight for logistics (One Tub 1.3kg is equivalent to 5 * 5 Litre bottles or 25kg of liquid enzyme cleaner)
  2. Very compact for portability in a backpack and requiring minimal storage space
  3. Not temperature sensitive and works in hard, soft and deionised water
  4. Better storage and transport temperature thresholds
  5. Much lower cost when compared to bottled detergents
  6. 100% Biodegradable

Clinical Choice has a proven record in delivering significant cost savings and high-quality products which are the equivalent or better than OEM products. Clinical Choice presently services over 1200 hospitals and ambulatory centres and has a strong commitment to high-quality products that deliver significant savings.

Further information on the product can be found on the Product Brochure.

If you’d like a sample, undertake a test or know further information, give James Bellas a call on 0414 755 598, or Contact Us.


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