Medical Device Technologies


MDT also supports its core business activity of medical equipment sales with medical consulting and recruitment. We offer specialist consulting services and recruitment in both the private and public medical sectors and other service Industries. Our consulting services are focused on the business operations of health services groups looking at planning, management, and disposal. Our recruitment is very specialized focusing on a very small group of clients with very specific roles. We do not operate as a labour-hire service and are only focused on the placement of staff.


A list of the service offer for consulting can be found on our consulting page. If you would like to know more about how we could assist your company please contact us. We have years of experience with the health sector and other service industries.

Medical Recruitment

We only offer medical recruitment services for very specific roles and requirements of our clients. We do not undertake labour-hire activities and only focus on matching highly skilled candidates for specific roles. Please refer to our recruitment page for further information on the services we can offer and roles available. Please also feel free to contact us.