MDT Recruitment


Our philosophy when it comes to recruitment is to match the individual to the role and to ensure we satisfy the professional, financial and lifestyle needs of our candidates and employers.

Our database of medical professionals and health service providers allows MDT to place medical professionals into roles that are best suited to them geographically and also allows a greater selection for the type of role, the size and type of facility the role is offered by and most importantly we are an independent recruitment group that is not tied to any one employer group.

Our recruitment objectives are simple but effective and are built around the needs of the Australian and New Zealand healthcare sectors, they are:

  • Vacancies filled quickly and at the lowest cost to employers.
  • Customised recruitment ensuring a great work life balance.
  • The right person in the right role and location
  • Open and Honest Communication with candidates and employers.
  • Decisions based on objective and not subjective data.

We currently work with organisations such as the Fullerton Medical Centres and are expanding our network of employers and medical professionals every day.

We are not a labour-hire company.