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AEONMED AS100A – Water Tank
April 12, 2019
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AEONMED AS100A – Humidifier
April 15, 2019



CPAP Standard Tube

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CPAP Standard Tube

The CPAP Standard Universal 6ft tubing hose with rubber cuff ends is designed to work with any CPAP or Bi-Level machine, Heated Humidifier, Water Chamber or CPAP Mask available. The tubing has a corrugated exterior allowing the tube maximum flexibility for the user. The smooth interior reduces the opportunity for soap or water to get trapped inside after cleaning.
The 22mm ends fits well with all products designed by ResMed™, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, Human Design Medical, Somnetics, 3B™ Medical and many more manufacturers of CPAP or Bi-Level machines, Heated Humidifiers, CPAP Masks, and Water Chambers.
6ft is the standard length and most commonly used with CPAP or Bi-Level machines by users. You can use up to 10ft in length, but any tubing longer than 10ft is not recommended.

The AEONMED CPAP ARTG approval number is 313524.

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