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M-steryl is a mask decontamination solution using the Ecosteryl dry heat method. The Covid-19 health pandemic has demonstrated the importance of using masks. This resulted in a considerable plastic waste increase. With M-steryl, this waste is limited by reusing, up to 4 times, your mask safely.

2100 surgical masks per day (based on 12 cycles and 35 small boxes containing 5 masks each) or 1440 FFP2 / KN95 masks (based on 12 cycles and 24 medium boxes containing 5 masks each) or 864 shell masks per day (based on 12 cycles and 12 large boxes containing 6 masks each).

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Each decontamination cycle lasts 2 hours (handling included) and follows those 3 steps:

1) Masks are placed by the user in his individual box.

2) Boxes are placed in the machine and the cycle is started.

3) Users retrieve their box at the end of the cycle.

From start to end, boxes remain close.

Masks decontamination is guaranteed (min 6log10) as well as breathability and filtration preserved.

This dry heat decontamination process does not use water or any other chemicals.


M-steryl Specification Document