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Still Cleaning By Hand?

Step into the future with Medical Device Technologies’ Yanex range of xenon ultraviolet decontamination units.

The Yanex series are proven breakthrough technology, new to Australia but utilised throughout the world to disinfect rooms from all bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. The UV light eliminates these germs in a matter of minutes, ensuring the effective sterilisation of an environment.

These units are designed for spaces in the Healthcare sector such as hospitals, doctors and dentists offices, aged care facilities, and can be used in childcare facilities and schools.

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HIA) are an ever-present threat in all of these environments.

Medical Device Technologies are the exclusive distributors of Yanex throughout Oceania.

The Advantages

Imagine you were not constrained by the time it takes to properly sanitise a room by hand, and the human error that that can entail.

Imagine instead, having the peace of mind in knowing that an entire space can be disinfected with 99.99% efficiency in as little as 30 seconds from pathogenic microflora bacteria, including their antibiotic-resistant strains (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Enterococci (VRE), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter baumannii), C. difficile spores, MDR/XDR-TB, viruses and fungi.

Disinfection efficiency

up to 100%


Disinfection Time

150m2 room in 3min



constant control of the disinfection efficiency

How Does it Work?

The air and open surfaces of the room are irradiated by high-intensity (25,000 W/cm2) pulsed xenon ultraviolet light of continuous spectrum (190-300 nm), generated by a pulsed xenon lamp. The lamp is basically a quartz tube filled by xenon, a harmless noble gas.

For more information,

check out our page on the Yanex Technology.
Medical Device Technologies’ Yanex units have a computer-aided control system that:

Allow custom operating modes for each room;

Constantly monitor the disinfection efficiency, maintaining the preset germicidal flow level;

Control the unit’s operation, and corrects it when necessary.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.
Visit the supplier website, Yanex.com for detailed research papers and articles.


Why continue to clean using outdated methods when you can achieve…

Innactivation of all bacteria types (vegetative forms, spores, multiresistant strains, unsusceptible to antibiotic treatment and chemical disinfectants), fungi and viruses INACTIVATION EFFICIENCY

  • In the air – 99,9%
  • On the surfaces – 99,99%
  • In presence of organic load – 99,99%

MINIMUM TREATMENT TIME for standard rooms

  • from 30 second to 5 minutes

CUSTOM MODES of disinfection

AUTOMATED CALCULATION of most suitable treatment time for each specific room with regard to its size and required disinfection efficiency

Continuous GERMICIDAL DOSE CONTROL and maintaining its SET LEVEL during the whole disinfection cycle
SELF-DIAGNOSTIC and ADJUSTMENT of operating modes.

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS of disinfection due to using harmless xenon instead of mercury or chemical agents

Automated turning on/off, and lamp lifting, remote control, recorded audio warning

Who’s Using It?

Over 2000 units have been deployed since 2004, and are used in more than 500 hospitals throughout the world, including in

Applications include:

Healthcare facilities of various profiles: surgery, infectious diseases, phthisiology, obstetric/perinatal centers and gynecology, resuscitation, oncology, dentistry, pathologic anatomy, medical ambulance and others to prevent healthcare associated infections (HAI);

Accommodation and public spaces, social facilities: residential and nonresidential buildings, hotels, sports facilities, public catering facilities to ensure the safety of people inside;

Manufacturing facilities: pharmaceuticals industry, microelectronics, storage areas to ensure microbiological cleanness of the manufactured goods.

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